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Yoga Shop Towel Used In The Middle Of Yu Yuga
Jun 03, 2016

100% microfiber towel, use the international high-tech nanometer ultra micro fiber DTY (size 0.1dtex and fineness of silk 1 / 10) fine woven into, the quantity and the speed of vacuum suction is 10 times the cotton towel, durability is cotton towel 4 times. Soft, comfortable, Kizawa Ryorei, no bacterium, no odor, no pilling, no hair, no spinning. Microfiber towel, in addition to the superiority of the material itself, and technical personnel in the towel on the back of the Fu in a punctate plastic points check slip particles and improved the ordinary shop towel ethereal weaknesses, it has strong anti slip effect, more docile, non slip, therefore, is regarded as a yoga mat, are widely used in yoga practice.