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Yoga Mat's Price Difference Mainly Lies In The Material
Jun 02, 2016

Yoga mat's price difference mainly lies in the material.

The first type: the most low-grade yoga mat is PVC material, the price is the cheapest, non slip is also good. But there are experiments show that this material may cause damage to the liver and kidney, it is not recommended to choose.

The second kind: TPE material yoga mat, this kind of mat is non-toxic and can be degraded, the price is in 500 to 200 yuan, the service life is longer, it is more suitable for personal use.

The third: is a recycled cotton, hemp and other materials made of yoga mats, this mat in line with the concept of environmental protection, but the price is more expensive, not durable.

Fourth kinds: Natural Rubber Yoga Mat, is also the most expensive class, no smell, flexibility and non slip are good, but relatively heavy.