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Why Do We Choose Yoga?
Apr 12, 2018

Why do we choose Yoga?

This is a very interesting question.

As an old practice method, yoga is sought by the contemporary people, not as the philosophic meaning, as everyone wants, to use the physical exercises in yoga to participate as a fitness exercise. Now science and fitness project is also change rapidly, is also quite simple and interesting. But there are so many people who choose the yoga that is very difficult to start.

I think the reason why you choose yoga is nothing more than two points: 1, bare handed; 2, effective. As far as many modern sports are concerned, yoga is a project that does not require a large device or a special field. As long as you want to practice it anytime and anywhere, it will be the first choice for your fitness. Secondly, yoga practice is not only significant but also unreplaceable - it is the only physical exercise that combines mind and spirit in exercise. It can not only make the body healthy, but also relax the nervous spirit. That's why you are willing to practice it.

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Why is Yoga difficult?

I believe every person who comes to contact with yoga for the first time will feel that those actions can only be done by aliens. If there is a train, each of its carriages is made of different materials, some are iron, some are wood, some are plastic, and can the train run fast? Of course not, because the fast running car is broken. Our body is also the same. Some are strong and weak in some places, so many actions that we could have done could not be done now. Then we need to understand a truth: we must not practise yoga when we practice yoga, or we will break like that train.

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