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What You Need To Pay Attention To In Yoga
Aug 18, 2017


What you need to pay attention to in yoga

    There are many beautiful girls, in order to figure, but also for health, very want to do yoga. But also heard the voices around, saying that yoga is too tired, not easy to adhere to. As a result, the idea of practicing yoga has died without action. In fact, if you want to, find a partner to do yoga, encourage each other, practice yoga is very fun, useful.

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1. Prepare for yoga:

If you have any condition, you'd better take a bath before you can do yoga! This opens the body joints and helps stretch the movements. Don't bathe immediately after you finish yoga. At least wait for half an hour before you take a bath.

2. do yoga need fasting? Yes, it must be empty stomach. The first 2-3 hours are not allowed to eat: because yoga has a lot of twist, twist, pressure, and so on, and if you do not empty stomach, it will squeeze the stomach and nausea. You can't eat after 0.5-1 hours of Yoga: don't eat immediately after you finish yoga, which can cause stomach upset. What is more, it may cause gastritis or pancreatitis. The sooner you finish yoga, the better you will eat. Generally, yoga should be kept for about 1 hours a day.

3. Yoga best mobile phone mute: if it is to go to yoga class to practice yoga, turn off the mobile phone is on their own for others at least responsible and respect; if you are alone at home practice, the best is mute, yoga is the exercise of self-cultivation, seriously, is beneficial to the body mentality and emotion!

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4. practice yoga, what jewelry should not bring: those lovely and good-looking jewelry, do not bring, will increase your bondage. People in the practice of yoga will use plastic wrap, legs, ah, belly, what are wrapped around, that is to lose weight. But, you MM, this is not scientific Oh, do Gahan is out, but can not row, easy to get eczema oh. So, absolutely not! Also, practice yoga if you practice barefoot!

5.if you have high blood pressure, or heart disease, do not practice some head down movements. This should consult a doctor or professional yoga instructor, explain your body condition, let the teacher tell you what movements can not do. Six months after the operation and a woman's physiological period, it is difficult to practice high difficulty movements; it is better to practice every day, and after a complete yoga exercise, remember to lie down and give me a big rest

6. yoga practice place is exquisite:

To choose ventilation, quiet environment, if conditions, choose outdoor practice better, clothing, it should be loose, light and comfortable is appropriate.