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What Is The Yoga Wheel Introducing Its Three Applicable People
Oct 30, 2017

    The shape of the yoga wheel: the circular design conforms to the direction of the spine, without the diamond Angle. Perfect mechanical function, more in line with the concept of yoga, it is the beginning and end point, continuous cycle like breathing, like practice from mountain type back to mountain type, like the cycle of life again, see it you will see the yoga. Inner layer: the material can carry 150 kg, which can guarantee the safety and stability of yoga practice.


     Use of people: 1. Students with thoracic hunchback, such as teenagers in the development period, white-collar workers. Long sedentary work and study, it is easy to contain thoracic kyphosis, poor posture back and spine stiffness, seriously affect the respiratory system, and a series of problems, neck cause lung condition short, dizziness, insomnia. 2. Yoga self-important In addition to the safe practice to bend can also multifunctional played a supporting role to protect the joints in different postures. 3. senior practitioners In addition to bend after It is also a handstand, support, balanced deeper postures of assistive devices. It's more functional than you think.


    A yoga wheel can stretch, massage, and adjust your spine. Open your chest and lift your shoulders. You can lean back and build your core muscles and relax on it. All in all, the yoga wheel makes your practice fun!