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What Is The Real Meaning Of Yoga?
Apr 10, 2018

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1) theoretical knowledge movement anatomy, help us to avoid the injury of the meridian, help us to fully understand the meaning of the body of the meaning of the basic theory of traditional Chinese medicine, in fact

2) heart practice: to help the body to maintain a relatively pure state, maintain the energy of the body exercise. (I have a talk if you can search and see) Yoga and Buddhism itself quite origins. In peacetime, you can listen to some Buddhist lectures (recommending the speech of the master clearance wizard, download the Himalaya listening to the book search, many can also help you to maintain a peaceful state of mind. Meditation: develop the habit of meditating everyday and cultivate the ability to concentrate. 

The reason is that posture is the foundation, because it is hard to concentrate without good body. Every time I used to meditate, I would be sleepy, or I could easily think about it, or I would be hindered by the imbalance of my body. Nowadays, most of ordinary people can only achieve the realm of feeling and concentration, and a few can achieve meditation.

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