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The Role And Benefits Of The Use Of A Yoga Wheel
Apr 19, 2018

The role and benefits of the use of a yoga wheel

Our way of life requires us to look down on a cell phone, watch a computer, and sit at a desk at a desk every day... A Bodhidharma wheel wheel is a device that reverses this body, a Plastic Yoga Wheel in diameter 33cm..

How to do the following:

Sit on a mat, put a yoga wheel on your back, lie on your waist and sacrum, stretch your hands over your head, hold your hands over the High Quality Bodhidharma wheel and start rolling back and forth on the wheel. You can roll back all the time and massage the spine.

Until your head touches the back of the ground, or the maximum level that you can open on the front side of your body, then stop at this position to keep 5-10 breathing, and you can open the axilla very well.

This simple rear bending can prepare for wheel deep and backward bending.

This process is repeated until enough feeling is enough to return to the baby for a few breaths.

Dharma Wheel

Open the front side of the body

At this point, the body position is the same as above, but at this time the legs should be retracted as close as possible to the perineum to open the hip, while stretching the inner thigh liver to sink the knees down with gravity.

Attention is focused on breathing and feeling on the body.

Let the belly stretch and stretch until you stop feeling comfortable and go back to the baby rest.

Anti slip Dharma Wheel

For many people, backward bending is a challenging form. Anti slip Bodhidharma  wheels are valuable for assisting.

The hero sat down and knelt behind his knees

Put a Coloured Dharma Wheel on the waist / sacrum

Take a deep breath, lengthen your body and exhale to the rear wheel.

Let your head and elbows touch your ground, your hands and your elbow, and feel the front and deep stretching of your body.

Same stretching until you stop feeling comfortable, return to baby rest.

Eco Friendly Dharma Wheel

A sense of balance in a head stand

If you look at the photos of the Yoga wheel, you will find many creative ways to use the Yoga wheel, which is very helpful for the in-depth exercise of yoga style.

Challenge and improve the ability to balance the hip

High Quality Yoga Wheel

The wonderful world on the High Quality Yoga wheel is no one you can understand.

Eco Friendly Yoga Wheel