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The Origin Of Yoga
Sep 15, 2017

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   Yoga originated in India, dating back to more than five thousand years of history and culture, known as "the treasure of the world."". Yoga originated in northern India in the foothills of Himalaya, India ancient yogis practicing physical and mental in nature, inadvertently found a variety of animal and plant natural treatment, relax, sleep, or stay awake, sick without any treatment and natural healing. Thus, yoga practitioners in ancient India observed, imitated and experienced themselves in accordance with the posture of animals, and created a series of physical and mental exercise systems, that is, asanas. After five thousand years of exercise, yoga has taught people how to heal and benefit from generations of people.


  Yoga is more than just a popular or modern exercise routine. Yoga is a very old method of energy knowledge. It combines philosophy, science and art. The foundation of yoga is based on ancient India philosophy. For thousands of years, psychological, physiological and spiritual discipline has become an important part of the culture of India. Ancient yoga devotees developed the Yoga system, because they believed that by moving bodies and regulating breathing, they could control mind and emotion, and maintain a healthy body.

    Yoga poses with ancient and easy to master skills, improve people's physical, mental and emotional ability, is a kind of body, mind and spirit of harmony and unity movement, asanas, pranayama breathing, the body of the heart meditation method, in order to achieve the unity of body and mind.

   Yoga is a 5000 year history of physical, mental, and spiritual exercises. It originated in India and aims to improve your body and mind. In December 11, 2014, the General Assembly announced that June 21st was the international Yoga day, and the first 6.21 international Yoga days were held in 2015.

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