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The Method Of Using The Yoga Wheel
Apr 20, 2018

1. Give your spine some love

Printing Yoga Wheel

The High Quality Printing Yoga wheel can make a better adjustment based on your spine outline. You can move the Yoga wheel up and down to stretch and extend the spine. When you do the back bend, find a static center point on the Yoga wheel and support the upper body. This stretch is especially suitable for the sedentary worker.

Start with a sitting position, place the Anti slip Printing Yoga wheel below the spine, keep your feet slightly apart, and start gently moving the spine to the Yoga wheel. Here, you can slowly try to move around and feel the full massage of the spine.

2. Extension and lengthen

Start from a sitting position, place a Anti slip Plastic yoga wheel under the spine, keep your feet slightly separated, move yoga on the upper part of the spine, stretch your hands forward, and grab the High Quality Plastic Yoga wheel behind the head. This is a good way to stretch and open the shoulders and release the tight head, neck and upper spine.

You can try different yoga styles on the specific target area of the body.

Use the Eco Friendly Plastic Yoga wheel to make low sprint, the Yoga wheel is placed inside the thigh inner side to support, or to support the extension of the four muscles of the femoris.

The backward butterfly is a gentle way to open the hips, and it is better to use the Anti slip Coloured Dharma Yoga wheel to do the rear bending to open the chest, and to sit on the mat and touch the sole of the foot. The Yoga wheel is placed in the waist and part of the body, gently lying on the High Quality Coloured Dharma Yoga wheel. The arm is relaxed on the side of the body and the palm upwards.

The backward heroic style is a way to open the upper part of the body at a deeper level, making the back bend and extending to the four muscles, knees and ankles. The hips and knees are separated from the hip with the width of the hip. Reduce the trunk, spine fully contact the Anti slip Coloured Dharma Yoga wheel, stretch your arms over your head.

Printing Yoga Wheel manufacturers

3. Strengthen and tighten

Putting the calf on the Yoga wheel and practicing the flat type can both exercise the core and upper body at the same time. Do the flat, bend your legs, move your calf on the Yoga wheel, move the Yoga wheel slowly, then move the Yoga wheel back to a complete flat. Repeat movements to tighten and tighten your abdomen, arms and chest.

There are also targeted yoga exercises for the gluteus maximus and the lower part of the body. Starting from standing, the Yoga wheel is facing the inside of the right ankle, and the left foot stretches and extends on the Yoga wheel. When the Yoga wheel is away from the ankle, bend your knees and start your hips. This will strengthen the gluteus maximus, the four muscles of the femoris, the calf and ankle muscles.

4. Build a balance

The wreath type is a form of enhanced stretching, which can build strength and balance at the same time.

The toes stand is an interesting attempt by another wholesale Coloured Dharma Yoga wheel, which requires balance and stability, plus the use of a yoga wheel that requires more coordination of body consciousness, starting and strengthening the torso.

5. Comprehensive deepening practice

The High Quality TPE Yoga wheel deepens your yoga practice, supports back bending exercises, builds more flexibility and balance, and stretches and strengthens the whole body's strength. Put the Anti slip TPE Yoga wheel into your favorite yoga pose, stretch and practice further.

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