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Is It Suitable For Yoga In Winter?
Nov 24, 2017


    The majority of yoga practitioners generally think that Yoga should be sweating, so as to achieve the effect of detoxification. But in winter, when the temperature is low, the amount of perspiration in yoga will be greatly reduced. If you want a lot of perspiration, you must strengthen the warm-up link:

1, before the start of a hot bath, promote the body's blood flow, can achieve the warm-up effect;

2, drink a cup of warm boiled water, let the body warm;

3, do some activities of joint movement, including toes, ankles, knees, hips, fingers, wrists, elbows, shoulders, neck, etc., the body joints slightly fever, fully stretched, and then began the practice of style;

4, a certain basis for the practice of people, you can do a combination of worship day, pay attention to the first time not to stretch too much body, generally three times later, the body temperature will rise, all the joints of the body to be fully extended.

5. When you practice breathing, you can put a blanket or shawl on your body to keep warm. Breathing exercises can calm your mind, concentrate your attention, but also lower your body temperature.

It was best to warm up large movements, repeated large muscle action more, such as: do stand leg muscle training action, will let the body warm up. Warm up though not necessarily sweat, but behind the warm temperature rise can make the body joints and muscle activity from such cold weather will not feel a lot of action done hard.