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How To Choose Yoga Mat?
Aug 09, 2017


    As long as you practice yoga, you don't need yoga mats. You can practice standing, sitting and lying. You can practice on the bed, on the grass, and you can practice with bare feet or shoes. But not using yoga pads increases the difficulty of yoga. In general, comfortable and high qiality soft mat with good toughness, its main role is anti anti Luo injury.

Customized tpe yoga mat cheap yoga mat

     At present, there are three kinds of yoga mats on the market mainly: EVA material, PVC foam material and TPE material.

EVA yoga mat is not very good, the price is so cheap about 8-10 dollars, is not recommended, because it is not soft and with heavy odour.

PVC foam yoga mat is the most widely used market at present, the price is about 15 dollors, and the softness is moderate.

TPE material yoga mat is a high-end yoga mat, the price is about 20-25 dollors, flexibility and environmental protection, the conditions permit, you can consider.

   TPE manufacture supllier yoga mat

    Yoga Mat specifications are 173cm * 61cm, 183 x 61cm two kinds, general yoga mats are the previous specification, tall people can choose a longer yoga mat.

    Anti-slip yoga mat yoga mat factory

    A yoga mat thickness, it is recommended for beginners to choose a little thick (thickness 6mm), can prevent some harm.Suggest that you want to know Yoga friends can buy the first yoga book learning, do not rush to buy equipment, yoga can be practiced at any time, not just on the yoga mat.