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How Should You Care The Yoga Mat,?
Aug 25, 2017


    To ensure hygiene, clean it every other week.The easiest way to clean it is to pour two drops of detergent into four bowls of water, spray them on a yoga mat and wipe them with a dry cloth.If the mat is already dirty, you can also use a cloth dipped in washing powder to gently wipe the yoga mat, then rinse with water, then use a dry towel to curl the yoga mat and drain the excess water.Finally, dry the yoga mat.


    It is important to note that the amount of laundry detergent is minimized, as the mat can be slippery once it is left on the yoga mat.In addition, don't leave it under the sun when drying the mat.

    There are many more things to learn about yoga mat - how do you choose each yoga mat?Where to buy a cheap yoga mat?These require further study by yoga enthusiasts.But at the end of the day, the knowledge of yoga mat is dead, but it is alive in people.The best is always the best.


  • The size of the yoga mat is mainly 61cmx173cm and 61cmx183cm.At home, it mainly focuses on 61cmx173cm.There are other specifications. The TPE cushion for export to Japan is 65x175cm.

  • The thickness of the yoga mat is 3 mm, 4 mm, 5 mm, 6 mm, 7 mm.6 mm is the standard thickness, suitable for early exercisers, TPE cushions can be 10 mm, very soft.

  • Must be chosen when trying to choose a little soft, stick to better grasp the field when tile, sweating cannot slide, had better be to easy to carry, must have the better performance of waterproof, prevent slippery, even sweat can function in practice, at the bottom of the mat, granular won't skid.

  • Yoga mat is close skin sex is extremely strong, we stand, sit, lie, or lying, direct or indirect contact with the skin, the longest period of contact, especially feet, of course, hard to avoid can produce bacteria or something.Which cleaning link is important.Many people use disinfectant to wash directly.The result of this is the corrosion of the mat and the service life of the pad.