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How Do The Yoga Mats Be Cleaned
Apr 16, 2018

TPE Anti slip High Quality Exercist Mat, PVC Eco Friendly High Quality Exercist Mat can be diluted with a small amount of mild detergent or light soap water with water, then wipe the water with a soft towel, then wipe dry with clean water. 

High Quality High Quality Exercist Mat

Extra thin Natural Rubber Yoga Mat is made of natural material, so try not to wash it with acid and alkali. It is easy to decompose. 

High Quality Extra thin Natural Rubber Yoga Mat

Anti slip Double Side Suede TPE Yoga Towel yoga mat is made of fabric and nuatural rubber bottom, you can wash them by special clean agent. And I think the best way is use a warm paper to rape it and put it under the sunshine.

Eco Friendly Double Side Suede TPE Yoga Towel

The cushion is made of natural material and is used by high-tech technology. It can only be cleaned with clean water, and it must be dried and then collected.

TPE Exercise Mat

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