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Characteristics Of Yoga Mats
Jun 02, 2016

The characteristics of yoga yoga mat activities: soft, obedient, strong grip - placed in any ground are more reliable. Compared with PVC material yoga mat, weight of about 300 grams, portable and convenient. Tips: yoga mat TPE material prices high. TPE foam mat main components are EVA and TPE and artificial rubber, production costs are relatively high, the production process is higher, the industry to enter the high threshold. Product quality is good, elastic foot, soft and non slip effect. Does not contain plastic, easy to break down, is currently more optimistic about the product, loved by the environment protector. TPE mat can now do 10 mm thick. PVC cheap foamed PVC (PVC content 96% of yoga mat weight is about 1500 grams) of PVC is the name of a type of chemical raw materials, is a raw material. But PVC did not have a foaming before it does not have a soft and play the role of non slip buffer, only after the foam can be produced like yoga mats, non slip mats such products. Features: PVC material prices, can be bought everywhere, the quality is guaranteed.

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