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A Good Yoga Mat Can Make You Feel Comfortable
Nov 06, 2017

    Yoga is perhaps the world's oldest "fitness project", as early as eight thousand years ago in India, at the time of the earliest practitioners according to animal and plant activities observed in nature, created a set of medical, defense, physical fitness in one operation, it is called "Yoga".So now you can see some of these traces from dog names, like dog, snake, tree......


Yoga is actually teaching us how to use your body properly. It involves all aspects. It's necessary to have a good teacher to bring in the door. The yoga instructor training system in China is not very standardized, uneven quality of teachers, to find the coach needs to have "piercing eye".


Beginners must be in the professional practice under the guidance of the teacher, if there is restriction or can not find a professional teacher, but also as far as possible through the video or books to learn more about some of the correct way of practicing, or with the aid of some professional App, help you prompt sequencing and practicing to point. Everyone needs a good teacher to practice yoga, but the teacher is not necessarily a "human"".

Yoga does not necessarily occur only in the classroom, if you can use its essence in daily life, there will be half work times effect. For example, no noon nap, you can use yoga meditation to let yourself relax, sleep at night, try yoga rest......

Gradually, you will find that yoga is not just fitness, but also a way of life.