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Yoga Mat notes
Jun 03, 2016

Yoga mat is for general initial do exercises of yoga, can choose a little cushion thickness, such as 6mm thick, the size of the domestic 173X61; have certain foundation can choose the thickness of 3.5mm ~ 5mm; recommend the purchase of more than 1300 grams mat (because some cushions for cheap and steal material).

Now most of the classroom will provide the so-called "public pad", is the use of public yoga mat. Some teachers even in the classroom to lay a protective pad, we do not have to use the mat. Most of the students because they do not want to go to work on the mat, classes run to run, and the use of such a public pad. However, if you want to learn a period of time, it is best to use their own mats, on the one hand, they can be cleaned, more health; also can choose a suitable mat according to the individual situation.