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The cleaning and maintenance method of Rubber Yoga Mat
Dec 14, 2017


Printed PU yoga mat

Many people use disinfectant to clean them directly. The result is to cushion the corrosion, shorten the service life. It's not surprising to use a mat for 2-3 months. Many mats require neutral lotion to clean them. We need to protect our 5mm standard PU yoga mat well as it cam use for a long time.

In general, if you can use travel PU yoga mat 3-4 times a week, you can keep it hygienic by the frequency of cleaning every week.The less dirty yoga mats can be used by ordinary simple cleaning: two cups of water and 4 drops of detergent in the spray, and then dry with dry cloth.

For a long time without cleaning, the deep stained PU Natural Rubber yoga mat can be washed with washing powder water: put a basin of water and add the detergent. The washing powder should be as few as possible, because any residue will make the cleaned yoga mat slippery. Dip the cloth in the washing powder and gently scrub the mat, then rinse it with clean water. Finally roll up with a dry towel and dry out the excess water. Dry in the shade to avoid direct sun exposure.

Light PU Yoga Mat

5mm  Standard PU Natural Ruber Yoga Mat Matters needing attention:

The key to cleaning the Eco-friendly PU natural rubber yoga mat is to protect the mat's skid resistance organization, because these anti-skid organizations are the most important part, and they are important weapons to protect sports injuries when we practice yoga.