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The best time to practice yoga in a day
Nov 21, 2017


1. The most appropriate time is summer and autumn season, around 5 o'clock, at this time the air is very fresh, the surrounding noise is basically not, the body and mind after sleep, has also been fully functional. Yoga is the best time to do it.


2. And half an hour before going to bed at night, and it's also good for yoga. But the range of action should not be too large. Because after a day's work, the body needs a full rest. Just do some gentle movements, not too long.

3. Other appropriate time to do yoga is to ensure that the meals in the belly are the least. It's about 3.5 hours or so before the meal is digested.

4. In a place where yoga is practiced, it is recommended to find a quiet place where others are not easily disturbed.

5. In a practice time problem, we must pay attention to, the longest can not be more than 2.5 hours, short words, but also to maintain more than 20 minutes, otherwise there will be no effect.

6. The last note: we need to stick to it, and only by unremitting efforts can we get the corresponding rewards. Make a complete exercise schedule for yourself, and practice the same time every day.

7. The most important thing is the habit of training, there are a lot of people want to do it, something is delayed, regardless of physical conditions allowed, this is the most taboo.

The best time to lose weight during the day:

1, yoga can be eaten outside all the time; preferably at three or four hours after meals is appropriate.

2, early morning or evening is a good choice.

3, the evening movement is generally more flexible than in the morning, so yoga postures will do more in place.

4, evening exercises help to eliminate one day's fatigue and restore energy. The most conducive to weight loss.