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The basic movement of yoga beginner
Nov 24, 2017

   Yoga has a lot of benefits, but yoga has a certain risk. Yoga seems to be easy, low intensity, in fact, it has tens of thousands of movements, including bending, folding, folding, bending, twisting, restraining, bending, stretching, lifting, pressing, etc., incorrect practice will damage health. Therefore, we must make full preparations before we do yoga, otherwise it will "chaqi".

Tools / raw materials

Quiet places (enclosed places), yoga mats, yoga music, headband, yoga suits, towels, pure water.

Matters needing attention

Avoid greasy, spicy food ". You can't eat at least 3 hours before exercise. Take 1 hours after exercise. Compare science.

Long before practice need to solve and urine.

Long after practicing yoga for at least 15 minutes and then shower.

"Don't do yoga in the sun.

"Do the inverted position when the upper body down, hypertension, hypotension, head hurt, dizziness, heart failure patients who don't do, menstruating women don't do, in order to avoid head congestion and dangerous.

"Don't worry about your muscles hard, bear various postures of torture, in fact as long as according to the teacher's training program, together with the teacher guided by breathing and stretching techniques, naturally, slowly progress.

The practice of yoga as much as possible in a simple and loose. Both the best barefoot, and take off watches, belts or other accessories.

"For every day at the same time.

Keep the air circulation practice is very important for long when practicing pranayama.

The cushion should be supported, too soft or too hard is not good, do not let slip at.

Finally, some people learn yoga from books or videos. Practitioners must be sure not to overdo it so as not to do harm to the body.

There are 9 movements in this set of movements : 










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