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Maintenance method of the yoga mat
Dec 02, 2017

How long can your yoga mats be used? Do you pay attention to maintenance at ordinary times?

How to maintain Yoga after daily use

TPE yoga mat packaging is made of plastic film, and the TPE is also degradable, especially at high temperature.

Guangzhou Kaixin TPE yoga mat manufacturer

TPE is a double layer of two layers in the middle is glued up with a strong glue, packaged up after the factory, so the smell of glue will take a period of time to disperse.

Many of my friends will feel very strange, why yoga mat will have this smell? Is baffled because of the quality is not good? Or are there other reasons?

TPE yoga mat packaging, in order to prevent the mat adhesion will be together, the surface will be coated with a layer of talcum powder and the like, which is one of the sources of taste.

Therefore, the smell of TPE yoga mat is made of plastic film, strong glue and surface coating. Because the smell of cushion is not dispersed.


After disassembling, dry with a wet towel and clean water at the ventilating place, and the odor will disappear.

If, your yoga mat is not public. Then, you should pay more attention to maintenance. At the very least, every week should be guaranteed to be cleaned once! This can not be lazy!

The usual simple cleaning is directly wiped with a wet towel and dried, or it can be put into the sprayer with two cups of water plus 4 drops of washing dishes. After spraying the yoga mat, dry it with a dry cloth.

TPE cushion is not used when it is rolled up with hair buckles, or directly flat, do not fold, otherwise there will be creases, serious cracking.

If the cushion is very dirty, it can be cleaned with neutral cleaning liquid directly, and washing powder is not recommended. Because it is difficult to wash out the detergent residue, it will make the yoga mat slippery.

Gently scrub the mat with a cloth dipped in the neutral cleaning liquid and rinse with clean water. Finally, use a dry towel to roll up the yoga mat, dry out the excess water and dry it.

In addition, do not let the sun direct the PVC and TPE material of the yoga mat, will accelerate the aging of the material.

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