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Advantages of PU rubber mat
Nov 17, 2017

Yoga originated in the foothills of India in the north of Himalaya. When practicing yoga in nature, ancient yoga practitioners in India unconsciously discovered that animals and plants were naturally treated, relaxed, slept, or kept awake. 

However, the birth of yoga movement, Yoga mats naturally become a necessity for Yoga. Now, I want to introduce our PU rubber yoga mat with its best quality and best anti-slip features. I think this PU rubber yoga mat is suitable for that professional and indoor yogics. 


[Cradle of materials]: the use of imported environmentally friendly natural rubber production, environmental protection, but also to ensure high performance rebound, so that the athletes have a high sense of comfort and feedback.

[skid resistance good] pad surface using high-tech materials, with excellent grip and sweat absorption performance, even if sweating like rain, still standing erect

[excellent cushioning] use special fiber material, effectively buffering the power generated during exercise to protect the joint and brain function.